Thursday, November 15, 2007

Saving DVD Files

The Assistants on the show I am working on are doing a real cool trick. After they make a DVD output, they load the DVD onto the editorial computer that has a external hard drive that contains back-ups of all their DVD outputs.

What they do, is open up the DVD and option-drag the Video_TS folder into a folder on the hard drive with the sequence name and date (make sure this folder does not have spaces).

Then, if you need to make another copy down the road, you open up toast, drag that folder on the back-up drive into the toast window and burn your DVD copy (which is why you want this folder not to have spaces, or the disk will be corrupted). Of course, if you need another burn in (say it is going to another person), you will still need to make another output. But this is a very nice trick to know.


JSD said...

Or you can "write to hard disc" (out of DVDSP, I think Encore also) which will create a virtual DVD on your hard drive for back up.

Thanks for the great info.

Scott Davis

Adam said...

Also make sure to copy the Audio_TS folder. It is empty, but some old fashioned DVD players will refuse to play a disk without this folder, even though nothing is in it. Or you could just create a new empty folder and name it Audio_TS

modifoo said...

Or, using Toast or Apples Disc Utility, you can burn an image of the disk to your harddisk, which is then readily available.

tony g said...

Just discovered you blog.
this is exactly what i was looking for. Thanks. another option if you have the proper machine. we have a dvd duplicator and keep a dvd master to make copies from. it doesn't take up too much space and doesn't tie up the machines as well.