Saturday, November 3, 2007

Re-balance Change Lists

Re-balancing reels on a show is always a pain...but a common occurrence in feature films. The first thing you should do as soon as you construct your reels on a show, is to place the reel number in the reel# column in your bin (you can find this in headings in the bin menu). So Reel 4 would have 4 in your reel column. Always make sure you keep doing this as you work on your reels.

Let's say you have a re-balance between reels 3 and 4. Open up film scribe and then bring up the change list tool (command-shift N). Open up your bins that contain the old and new reels 3 and 4. Option drag the old 3 and 4 into the old window. Option drag the new 3 and 4 into the new window. Make sure Reel is checked in your change list tool.

When you make the change list, it will contain two separate lists: One for Reel 3 and the other for Reel 4. And because you have used the Reel # option, the change list will show the movement between these two reels.

Remember, you can edit text in these lists once you have made them. Use that option to clean up the titles of your lists and to add LFOA information in the header of your lists to better help your other editorial departments.


Steve said...

One key caveat for this otherwise terrific feature -- if you make a change list where one reel has something in the reel number column and the other doesn't, you're going to get a garbage list, with no explanation for what happened.

Justin Bourret said...

Thanks, Steve. Yes, it is important that you always put the reel # in the reel # heading of the reel in your bin to avoid this issue.

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