Friday, November 2, 2007

Feet/Frm & Timecode Burn-In

Have telecine layoff a tape with a Blue Screen, Feet & Frame burn-in, Timecode Burn-in.

1) Digitize this tape in to your project from the top of the hour.

2) Create a Property of Title that includes: A number to go over the hour so that you can change this based on reel (ie Reel 4 would be 04); Reel and version; Property of (Studio); Initials (for who you send reel to) in the center of the screen - bring opacity to about 90% of the initials so they become a watermark.

3) Put the Bluescreen and Title(s) in a bin for easy access.

4) When turning over a reel, cut the bluescreen in a new video layer (if your Reel goes up to 2 video layers, you would put this on layer 3).

5) Place a Chroma Key on the Bluescreen (this will make it so just the feet/frm & timecode burn-in appears on your sequence).

6) Place the Property of Title on a video layer ABOVE the bluescreen. Edit the title to give it the appropriate reel#/date/etc. Cut in enough of these titles to cover the entire reel.

7) By place the Title above the bluescreen, you are able to play out your sequence without rendering. However, do an expert render on your sequence to make sure you render any FX in your sequence.

Tip from Melissa Remenarich: Copy the bin and media of these timecode/feet&frame files onto a firewire drive. That way, you can bring them from project to project. You can also do this with your Academy Leaders. Another method would be to export them as QuickTime Movies for future use.


Mark B said...

With a fast HP and MacPro system, creating a TC or Feet and Frames burn-in is pretty quick.

I put a TC effect on an empty sequence in a PAL 25p project to cover 30 minutes. Export it to a Quicktime - takes about 30 minutes.

In my PAL 24p film project, type 'IgnoreQTRate True' in the console and import the clip.

This way I get a frame for frame import and I can display a 25fps TC over the picture with a simple Pic-In-Pic effect. I then do what you did with the Title.

Same result, but you have more control over exactly where you place the TC or Feet and Frames, their size etc.

Justin Bourret said...

Thanks for the tip, Mark.

Harry Miller said...

These ideas are great. It got me inspired to try my own.
I created a title, consisting of a box covering the entire frame. I changed the color to blue. That was cut into V1 (it could be as long as your longest reel.
I put the Illusion timecode plugin on V2, sized it, and set the time to 00:59:30.00.
Then, I exported the sequence as a QT reference, then imported THAT which created a blue screen timecode burn in. A chromakey effect can be added on to that, and it can be resized on your real picture. And, it does work as a real time effect, unlike the Illusion effect.
The only negative is Illusion timecode is only in 24 frame TC.