Wednesday, November 14, 2007

OMF media in a MXF project

We just started a project using Adrenaline HD with DNXHD-36.
Based on posts I had seen about issues with MXF audio compatibility, I decided to split the audio off to it's own workspaces, using the OMF/AIFF format instead of MXF. The problem is that if you are in a DNX project, the Avid only refreshes the AVID Mediafiles directories, NOT the OMFI Mediafiles directories, leaving new audio offline. This is a known bug.

The workaround is to create a SD project and switch to that once you have imported/copied your audio files. This will update the OMFI Mediafiles directory, at which point you can switch back to your MXF based project and use your new media.



Dylan said...

I know this was from over a year ago. Has there been any progress with this bug? I'm about to start a show and was considering using OMFI (wav) audio with MXF video. This would allow me to pass my media along to the sound dept for post. When I used MXF audio on a previous show, the sound dept found that it bogged down ProTools too much and they had to convert the files.

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