Tuesday, November 13, 2007

AVID bin sorting

9 or more times out of 10, I find myself wanting a different sort order than what is presented by either telecine TC or clip names, particularly if there are multiple cameras. I.E. if you have English slating, there would be no relevance between slating and actual scenes. If you have multiple cameras and wanted all the Acams, then all the Bcams, or you wanted -1/A then -1/B etc... whatever order you wish.

The answer was to create a custom column called "Sort." Using this column, I just start at 1 and increment the numbers to reflect whatever sort order I am looking for in a particular bin. When you sort the column in ascending order, it places the clips in that order for text view, but more importantly, if you switch to frame view, and select "Bin:Fill sorted" from the menu, it will place the clips in the same sort order you have selected, without any manual shuffling of clips. Further, if for any reason the sort order gets tweaked, you can just select fill again and recreate your selection.


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