Sunday, November 23, 2008

Turnover bins

I was having a problem getting a change list of 2 of our sequences, so I sent a bin to a fellow assistant editor who started raving about something that I thought made sense and helps me, but apparently, it was pretty exciting in a postproduction kind of way, so I thought it worth sharing:

I have structured my turnover bins so that they contain all of the information that I need and provide a straightforward template for turnover and changes. The size / complexity of the sequences dictates how many versions of each I can have in a bin, but once they have exceeded reasonable bin size, I just start a new bin and continue the series.

I know that some people keep each turnover version in their own bins, but I like to have an immediate overview and by keeping multiple versions, I can see the progression of who has what, lengths, notes etc... at a glance

As you can see, I fill in the information that pertains to that particular turnover. Not all turnovers require 30 frame TC, so I don't necessarily fill that in unless needed. Same for TC24. If your tracking requires frame countes for DI, add a column.

I have separate columns for MX and Composer because on some projects, we have a temp Mx editor who may or may not work in concert with the final composer and they can be working separate versions.

I added a sort column into the cutting bins, so that I can easily sort bins with a reverse sort function. That way I can also easily track back to which version in the editor's bins were turned over.



Adam Kranitz said...
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Adam Kranitz said...

Sorry Scott, dropped the wrong name in my first comment on this post.

Please do consider adding this tip to Avid Community Tips and Tutorials

Quintessential Studios said...

Almost a year and a half. Do you think we can get some more posts?